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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Check why you should count on our garage door services by reading the testimonials of our clients right below

Our garage door was fixed

Our garage door got us thinking about garage door replacement when it became too annoying with its constant problems and terrible noises. We called several companies for garage door repairs but problems still popped up. Garage Door Repair Manhasset was our last effort and, to our amazement, problems disappeared. When we narrated our adventures with our overhead door and the failed endeavors of other contractors to fix the problems, the techs of this company didn't know what to say, other than the fact that they simply did their job. I guess the other ones didn't. I trust this garage door service provider ever since!

All opener problems just disappeared

The overhead door wouldn't close well and the chain of the garage door opener was a bit noisy. I don't know what to do in these situations and so I found Garage Door Repair Manhasset. I just chose the company at random after reading some good reviews about its garage door service. I can honestly say that these reviews didn't give the company enough justice. The service was much better! The technicians were punctual, polite and managed to fix the opener problem at once. Plus, the fees were very reasonable.

Top in gate clicker repairs

The other day I pressed the gate clicker but nothing happened. I changed the batteries and still the gate wouldn't move. It was frustrating and was unsure if the gate remote or the opener was damaged. What I can say is that the assistance of this gate service company was amazing and immediate. One of the technicians came right over and thoroughly reviewed the gate opener and the clicker. There was a problem with the communication between the transmitter and the receiver which he fixed at once. The service was top!

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