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Why shouldn't I replace springs if I am careful?

Garage door springs can snap any time if they're not handled right and with the proper equipment and one can never be too careful. Replacing the springs involves removing the existing ones and, thus, releasing their tension. The wrong move might have tragic results. Their installation is equally hard and might jeopardize the door's stability.

What are the steps for garage door replacement?

The first step before replacing the garage door is finding a new one. If you decide to change the door type, measure well the garage. If you want to do construction work in the garage, do it before garage door replacement since you might need a different door size. Choose wisely the material and all the parts.

What kind of care do garage door hinges need?

Inspection comes first. Check the hinges for loosening, bending and wearing. Tighten loosened hinges properly and replace any missing bolts. Bent ones will require proper repair. It is easy to tell if a hinge is worn. This is the case when the cylinder is oblong instead of round. Such components should be replaced right away. Hinges require lubrication too. Apply a bit of the compound to the cylinder section.

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