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Gate Repair Services
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The excellent reputation of “Garage Door Repair Manhasset” is not confined only to its garage door repair services but also to its gate services. We are one company for both needs and have the technical power to cover them all fully. Our technicians have tremendous skills and know the exact differentiations among systems and what their requirements are. Our knowledge forms solid grounds for great services and we guarantee efficiency and dedication every time. For whichever service you will need our company, you can be sure that the time of our response will be quick and the quality of our work will be remarkable.Gate Repair Services in New York

Gate services for everyone

Everyone is entitled to enjoy his gate and we contribute in that by offering terrific services. We are here for whatever your needs are, and are also available to inform you about intercom and opener novelties and help you make the right decisions. With our technicians, you can be sure for excellent:


Gate operator services

Operator problems must be reported fast. We have special emergency contractors for such instances and will come as quickly as possible for sliding gate operator repair. We offer full opener services including their maintenance and installation. If you need advice as to which operator to choose, count on our staff.

Gate posts repair

Posts give stability to the gate and act as their frame. If they are ruined or their foundations are damaged, they must be serviced. We provide immediate swing gate post repair and have the ability to replace them if needed.


Swing gate hinges replacement

Hinges get rusty, break or their welding gets damaged. In either case, services will be needed in order for the gate to gain back its balance. We are familiar with all types of hinges for such applications and are ready to provide hinge welding repair. Hinges will be replaced if they are eroded and broken, and our service will be carried out as soon as possible.


Multicode remote programming

If you have a gate and a garage door, multicode remotes are the best solution for gaining access. We know every brand and the requirements of these special remotes and we can help you understand how they work and which model will suit you better. We program them and will be at your house to re-program them if something goes wrong.


Gate intercom installation

The best way to upgrade your gate and enjoy greater security is by installing a phone entry system. We are amazing installers because we are knowledgeable of the latest and most sophisticated systems for properties of different demands. We are also excellent intercom repair specialists and here to answer any question about these systems.


The point is to enjoy a safe gate with as many accessories as possible in order to feel security and have easy access. The good thing about our company is that it stands by its clients, helping them make the right decisions and consulting them based on what they really need. Our services are offered to cover every security gap by fixing gate part problems and making sure each component and accessory is installed and repaired properly. You can count that we'll be there whenever you'll need us. So, call us for any question and problems!

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